• Poetry is an artform. It is a business and a way of entertainment.
    For me, poetry is not spiritual; it is not religion.

    My aim is to provide for myself with my talents.
    I don't seek fame -- I want my efforts to be recognized.
    I don't seek fortune -- I want what my talents are worth.

    I treat poetry as my profession because that is what I want from it.
    I am not a hobbyist or a weekend warrior.
    My career was not born from a mid-life crisis, or a homework assignment.

    Good poets practice frequently as any musician,
    labor assiduously as any painter,
    perform ardently as any thespian,
    and are as deserving of consideration and respect.

    I believe that everybody likes poetry:
    however, not everyone has been exposed to a brand of poetry which they enjoy.

    Anything can be made poetry -- though not everything is poetry.
    Music is not poetry. Dance is not poetry. Memoir is not poetry.

    Bad poetry exists.
    If there are bad plumbers, there are bad poets.
    Art is subjective, but even the subjective has metrics.
    It isn't art just because someone tried.

    I learn from observation, inquiry, and experimentation.
    I lead by example. I don't hold open doors -- I kick them down.